Dutch minister Lilanne Ploumen – plugging Trump’s big-ass hole

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Hurrah for Lilanne Ploumen – a dutch labour party minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation and previous labour party chairwoman. And also a superheroine (it tells me that’s not a word).


On Monday Trump signed to pull funding for international organisations which provide information on abortions and abortion services. Carelessly putting the women needing these services at risk, leaving them with limited choices and dangerous alternatives.

But on Wednesday, Lilanne Ploumen was already working to set up an international fund that would  help plug the hole created by Trump’s signature hitting a piece of A4. She’s planning to use the fund to provide the support so swiftly taken from the existing organisations providing women with a safe environment in which they can access family planning information and services.

Bloody awesome lady huh?! But, the more I looked into Lilanne Ploumen the more I saw this was just the tip of the iceberg for her. Here are just three things she’s done in the last month (month!) and bare in mind she’s been in her post since 2012:

1.On 1 January she re-launched the Women, Peace and Security programme. This programme aims to aid women in conflict areas in helping make the places they live in safer and tackle social problems. Changing the perception of women as victims into implementers of social change. Focusing on what women can do themselves to make their own regions safe.

2.  She presented Pakistani female internet activist Nighat Dad with the Dutch Human Rights Tulip. Raising awareness and providing funding for vital work Nighat is doing in helping young women harness the power of the internet while remaining safe online – aiming to give them greater opportunities and a more distant horizon. Apparently Malala Yousafzai was her pupil – so it’s definitely working!

3. She’s also been instrumental in making government funding available and securing aid this winter for the migrants currently waiting for decisions to be made on their asylum applications.

So a hurrah for Lilanne Ploumen – she’s incredibly inspiring and a woman to love for sure.