Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe is my new universe

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If you enjoy watching anime or cartoons  then I’d highly, highly recommend Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe.

I’m now 73 blissful episodes into my Steven Universe adventure and I’m in love.

The show is a mega mix of fantasy and reality with Steven at it’s centre – a boy coming of age as half human and half ‘crystal gem’. The crystal gems are a group of bad ass women, who empathise with us mere mortals enough to have vowed to protect our way of life on earth.

Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, is the first woman to have had an independently created series on Cartoon Network (side note: argh barmy). And there are rumours in the mill that, according to Google Trends, Steven Universe has now become the flagship show on the network – probably because it’s SUPER BRILLIANT. It’s also been nominated for two Emmy Awards and five Annie Awards (animation awards).

The characters are super unique and it’s genuinely exciting to watch them ‘be’ and ‘do’ within the varying landscapes and situations they find themselves in as the series unfolds. Details of their lives and pasts are quietly woven into the fabric of the story and you quickly become aware each character has their own special cognitive spinning blocks which affect how they go about being cool. Watching Steven Universe and its characters grow fonder and fonder of each other in turn makes you more and more fond of them. There’s so much love and endless good vibes in the show.

Aesthetically, the show is a pleasure to watch – the colours and tones Sugar uses alongside the intricate and varying fantasy worlds the gems find themselves in create a mega viewing experience .

Steven Universe is also jam packed with music and songs that effortlessly become a part of the story being told. You only have to listen to the opening theme tune to get a feel for the DELIGHTFULNESS that awaits you.


Interestingly, and also annoyingly, the show was censored by Cartoon Network during a scene in which Pearl and Rose ‘fuse’. Fusion is a super sexy way of gems getting together to create super gems that are even more badass and even more capable. Click here to enjoy (in full) the moment the network partially censored.

But this is just an example of another great reason to watch the show as it’s been applauded for it’s LGBT themes/just general good loving of all things theme. Sugar has apparently said she draws from her own experiences of growing up as a bisexual woman to create the story. Funnily enough the day I wrote this blog post, Steven Universe was nominated for a GLAAD media award – which means the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation want to applaud Steven Universe for it’s outstanding representation of of the LGBT community – bloody fab!

 And there’s a giant pink lion that can open up portals to different places.


So if you’re into feeling mega happy – give it a watch!